Episode 1: Geno Shvedov

On this episode Brice Hancock welcomes Geno Shvedov. They talk about moving from Russia, early life in Colorado, sober living and surviving the struggles and tribulations of recovery.  

Episode 2: Kevin Petersen, LMFT with Special guest sarah zubrin, lac

On this episode Brice Hancock welcomes Kevin Petersen, Marriage and Family Therapist, and Sarah Zubrin CCO of Mile High Continuing Care . Kevin speaks on growing up in a chaotic home and how he turned his addiction around with the help of therapy. 

Episode 3: Ryan Canaday, Executive Director, Pastor and Founder of Free Spiritual Community

On this episode Brice Hancock welcomes Ryan Canaday of Free Spiritual Community to speak upon his struggles with alcohol addiction while being a church pastor and how with 8 years sober he has started the Free Community for recovering and healing.