Episode #2 with Kevin Petersen and Sarah Zubrin

Brice Hancocks interviews Kevin Petersen, an expert in therapy/family therapy and author of Chronic Hope. In this book, Kevin writes about his life growing up in a home of chaos and addiction. Around 13, Kevin picks up drugs and alcohol for the first time. By 26, Kevin had become a liar, cheat, thief and addict. His father came to him to seek help through therapy. Six weeks later, Kevin and his father began seeing a therapist together. After 5 months of therapy sessions with Kevin, his therapist had decided Kevin was a drug and alcohol addict and needed to go to AA. Kevin admits at this point he had already known this about himself.

Brice and Kevin also touch on the aspect of codependency within the family. Kevin’s family over time had gotten used to covering for Kevin’s mistakes, a problem that needed to stop for the family to heal together. Sarah Zubrin, CCO of The Mile High Continuing Care, takes this time to step in and discuss how she deals with these family issues often in their recovery center. Sarah speaks about the lasting effects that family’s carry with them during this codependency such as PTSD and nightmares.

Brice asks the question, “is it likely if a young adult can get sober if the family is not willing to put in their own work.” Both guests explain why their answer to this question was a no.

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